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Company Profile

VANSLON is the sub-brand of  Guangzhou Wansilong Technology Co., Ltd that offers one-stop solutions for mobile repair shops and mobile parts distributors. Our business range from all brands mobile parts, mobile refurbishment machines, mobile refurbishment materials&tools, mobile repair machines, mobile repair materials&tools. As a dynamic brand and served thousands of customers worldwide in the past years,we know the pain points and the worries of repair shops very well. So high quality and 100% fully inspected is our top principle. And We are always trying to find the best ways to improve the management efficiency of repair shops.


1.Quality Above all & 100% full inspection

We know that poor quality phone accessories or equipment can be a disaster for phone repair shops.When we get it, we can't immediately use it to repair and solve the problems of customers' mobile phones. On the contrary, it will delay the mobile phone repair cycle and even lead to the loss of customers.At the same time business owners need to spend a lot of manpower and resources to deal with the after-sales.Therefore, we strictly check the quality control, quality first and 100% inspection is our eternal purpose.

2. One stop supply chain solutions 
There are various mobile phone brands and models on the market, with different manufacturers and products of different quality. Maintenance shops need to spend a lot of manpower and resources on the selection of suppliers and sources of goods.We directly provide all kinds of high-quality accessories to the repair shop, which greatly saves the communication cost and greatly reduces the manpower and material resources occupied by the repair shop in the selection of suppliers.Repair shop can find all the repair parts here, and the quality of accessories is very good.

3. Professional mobile phone repair expert team
We have many professional maintenance engineers who have been in the mobile phone maintenance industry for many years. They can well control the quality of accessories and recommend high-quality and easy to use accessories to customers. At the same time, they can well answer all kinds of questions about mobile phone maintenance.We can not only provide customers with professional repair service guidance, but also greatly improve the customer's mobile phone repair efficiency, so as to improve the business conversion rate.

4.Professional pre-sales and after-sales service team

All pre-sales and after-sales staff are trained to answer the customer's questions immediately.

Online service 12 hours before sales, follow up periodically.Quick after-sales response, convenient process, quickly solve customer after-sales problems, to ensure 100% solution of customer complaints.


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